Mind and Life European Summer Research Institute

In August 2014, I was selected to attend the Mind and Life European Summer Research Institute (ESRI) in Chiemsee. The annual conference is a “week-long event to advance collaborative research in behavioural science, neuroscience and mind-body medicine based on a process of inquiry, dialogue and collaboration with contemplative practitioners and scholars of Buddhism and other contemplative traditions” (Esri.mindandlife-europe.org, 2014). All participants stay together in a 8th century Benedictine Abbey (nunnery) of Frauenwörth on the island of Chiemsee. At the end of the week conference, I interviewed Mathieu Ricard, a famous French Buddhist monk who was a speaker at the conference and wrote many books including ‘Monk Dancers of Tibet’. He commented that a lot of monks nowadays do not know much about ‘cham and gave me a few of his amazing photographs on ‘cham. He gave me the permission to use his photographs provided I write to him beforehand.


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