Shanny Rann is the editor of Dance Central and PhD student in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University. Her current research focuses on Taiji in diaspora from a gendered perspective. She has a Master of Arts in Dance Studies from York University and is an Erasmus Mundus scholar in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage (Choreomundus). Her previous research on ‘cham, a Tibetan Buddhist dance ritual, was conducted in the Himalayas with refugee monks and was published in ausDance and Recherches en Danse. As a movement practitioner, she has performed in Malaysia and Norway. After sustaining dance injuries, she took up Taiji in 2015 and now serves as the Director of International Tristar Taiji Association as well as Assistant Instructor at Li Rong Wushu and Qigong Academy. She continues to perform, teach and choreograph in Canada, where she resides.

research areas: epistemology of dance, movement analysis, migration studies, gender


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